Walking with Luke. Thematic Studies in the Lukan Narratives with Reflections. Nuovo libro di Fr. Michael T. Winstanley,


Michael Winstanley’s book provides a remarkable uncovering of the ‘specialness’ of the Gospel of Luke. Not only are all the singularly Lukan features of the Gospel stories dealt with, but there is more as this book is marked by several unusual features of its own that single it out as ‘different’ from the many books on Luke currently available. Michael’s familiarity with classical and contemporary writings on Luke is outstanding, as is his respectful presentation of a variety of differing views. Many of us will be grateful to have it on our desk to guide us through our own teaching, studying, and writing on Luke’s Gospel. As always with the writings of Michael, there is a carefully expressed and profound applications of the Lukan message to the challenges of Christian life in the third millennium

(Dr. Francis J. Moloney, SDB, taken from the Foreword)

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