Prima pubblicazione di don Andrzej Toczyski (Ratisbonne)

Fr. Andrzej Toczyski, SDB, Assistant Professor of Sacred Scripture (Jerusalem Campus) and Member of the Salesian Biblical Association, has published his first book, The ‘Geometrics’ of the Rahab Story: A Multi-Dimensional Analysis of Joshua 2 (Bloomsbury; T & T Clark: London 2018), as part of the prestigious Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies series.

The story of Rahab (Joshua 2), is used as an example for examining the relationship between the biblical text and its readers.

The study highlights some linguistic features within the Hebrew text which guide the reading process and portrays how successive generations of readers were influenced by one another’s interpretations.

By approaching the text from a number of different perspectives, the Rahab story emerges as truly multi-dimensional, or “geometrical” as the title indicates.

This type of fresh approach, which employs methodology in a creative way, underlines an under-appreciated dimension of the Rahab story i.e., the power of the biblical storytelling which may provide grounds for inter-cultural dialogue in our postmodern world.

More information on the text is available on the Bloomsbury Publishing Website.

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