New book of Francis J. Moloney

Congratulations, Frank, getting old and wiser!!

A brief review, by Harold W. Attrige, Yale Divinity School

“Francis Moloney, renowned as a specialist on the Fourth Gospel, here turns to the book of Revelation. Inspired by the work of the Italian scholar Eugenio Corsini, Moloney offers a vigorous challenge to readings of Revelation as an ‘apocalyptic’ work focused on eschatological judgment. With astute sensitivity to the rhetoric of this ‘genre-bending’ text, Moloney argues that Revelation celebrates the eternal victory of the sacrificed Lamb over all powers of evil. His persuasive reading of Revelation as a work of ‘realized’ eschatology will stimulate debate but will also inspire a deeper appreciation for this complex, visionary book, particularly relevant in an ‘apocalyptic’ epoch.”

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