Jesus and Catechesis in the Gospels for a Journey of Christian Life’, the new Zevini’s publication

The current ecclesial era of the Christian community is marked in particular by the centrality of the Word of God. Contemporary biblical studies have shown that the sacred authors and especially the four Evangelists are not Neoplatonic mystics, who dream of escaping from the reality of the world, but men who know Palestine of the first century very well from the geographical, topographical, chronological points of view and who give great importance to the facts and sayings of Jesus in the context of his environment. However, if they focus their attention and catechesis on the man-Jesus, it is because they have discovered in him the Word made flesh. For them, the encounter with Jesus and his good news were unforgettable events that marked their lives. The Gospels they left us are the fruit of their personal experience of Jesus that then matured in the carly Church.

Sacred Scripture is the source of evangelization and the Church cannot evangelize unless she allows herself to be continually evangelized. It is indispensable that the Word of God become more and more the heart of every ecclesial action.

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